Thursday, January 31, 2013

My first Blog

There's that new thing everybody seems to be doing and we all want to do. Don't lie to yourself, what was the real reason why you joined facebook? It's wasn't only because you were looking for your long lost paddy naa, you got tired of hearing 'why are you not on facebook'. Then you joined. And now Twitter, whatsapp till you have become badguynz social network junky.

The first time I heard of blogs and blogs and more blogs, I got a bit too excited. Opened up a blog page(abi na so dem de call am) a moment ago... ok a bit more moments. Like 4 years ago. Seriously I don't really know why oo, but I've been stalling. I wanted to write... of course I've got a lot to talk about. Jokes, stories, lies, politics... but I cant help thinking that I'm writing some SS2 essay that is going to be marked by the PUBLIC.

How would my first line be? What if the body loses taste and no one seems to understand me. Will I get comments, feedback, hits...? Folks are making money off blogs, when will mine start flowing? Sometimes I think I get too cautious and I end up doing nothing. Even you too, don't look at me like that!

So what is a blog? Why isn't it called essay or writing or short story, why call it blog? I've opened a few pages and then there are just strange photos or checked out some guys on eurosport and their blogs are loooooong. Which one is blog? Why is it all different? However I have started, there will be a follow up blog. So chill I'm coming.

Ok I have motivated myself, that was my first blog! You see, its short and stupid.... Please don't bother reading it. Don't you know its hard to write a blog? Is it supposed to be long? But I think I'm a natural...hehe.