Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make Boys Men

And 3 months later he spoke again. Joi cast a spell on me. She said 'I hope you won't be one of those 2 article bloggers', and I ended up being one. Had to holla back at the 'juju woman' to get inspired again. Inspiration came right after the lecture of how Adam blamed the woman and now men blame women. Last-last I'm inspired, apparently there's 'a book' where historical ideas are jotted, the spell book.

Had this jotted down a while ago. They are questions I asked myself on a breezy night while alone in my room. You know those nights you fall asleep at 8 and wake 2am. Everyone's gone in and there's no one to gist with. Those night when it just rained and breeze carries the sounds lorries coasting on the express miles away. Those kind of nights, thoughts run through your head. I thought... 'I've never been a man before, what kind of man will I be?'

Look... Here is the raw draft. Just read

'What kind of man will I be?
Will my character as a boy show in my home?
Will I love and be true to God?
Will my heart and home be a temple of Worship?
Will I love my wife, treat her like a companion and friend? Will I make her cry or be joyful? Will the words that come out of my mouth encourage my home. Will there be tears or/and laughter?
Will my wife shed tears because I have been unfaithful? Will my children fear me? Will my friends be true to the friendship we share? Will I be compassionate and loving? How will I love? Really what kind of man will I be?'

See there are many more questions that could be asked. I'm sure I slept off that night... but questions about men continue to linger in my head, a burden.

How mothers take time to train their daughters on how to be wives... why isn't that happening for sons and fathers? Boys don't know what to do, simply because they are left to grow 'wild'. No pruning, No shaping. Sadly the wives suffer.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I donno... right now I'm lost at the way she looks at me. I've heard her voice, her words and her laughter. They all seem attractive to my personality. But she is not 'giving me face'. Ok I'll try my charm. I'll make sure she hears about me but right now it seems that my confidence in me is seeping. So what did I do to make her not like me. It was only last week she moved into this compound. Well, I've tried to be nice, done my part. Here's me walking away from trying.

Fast-forward 4 months later and the same girl you had a hard time connecting with has suddenly become nice and great company. What did you do differently? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing! You see the problem was that someone had gone to say stuff about you to the new lady. Make you look bad. See, seriously I don't know why some of us do that. It beats me. I still don't know the purpose of pulling someone down. Are you designed to have an enemy? The fact that you don't agree with a point of view doesn't make the personality that carries it bad. So there... time has passed... the person you wanted wailing is now soaring. 

Ok... Ok... Ok... True! My biggest problem is with the person who has been gisted! You are new in an environment, school, yard(naija yard), office, church, choir...wherever and someone meets you and starts to tell you about this person and that person...this girl and that boy, that couple, her boyfriend, who he was, who he dated. That funny 'new friend' who has decided the 'show you around' has built a pyramid of stories. Some might be true, others exaggerated. So what if they are true? Do you have to build your perception around all that. Come on!!! Everybody deserves a chance. 

I think it becomes more annoyingly awkward when you have let someone else's point of view be your starting point. Its should be simple, "Ok Sister, I've heard all you said. Now I'll know her for myself". That is so much easier for you to do. Don't hurt the potential for a great friendship just because you heard. People go through so much, you might just be the reason for gladness.
P.S: Now I didn't say ignore the amebo, listen well and sieve. 

Keeping smiling abeg, life is so much easier.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My first Blog

There's that new thing everybody seems to be doing and we all want to do. Don't lie to yourself, what was the real reason why you joined facebook? It's wasn't only because you were looking for your long lost paddy naa, you got tired of hearing 'why are you not on facebook'. Then you joined. And now Twitter, whatsapp till you have become badguynz social network junky.

The first time I heard of blogs and blogs and more blogs, I got a bit too excited. Opened up a blog page(abi na so dem de call am) a moment ago... ok a bit more moments. Like 4 years ago. Seriously I don't really know why oo, but I've been stalling. I wanted to write... of course I've got a lot to talk about. Jokes, stories, lies, politics... but I cant help thinking that I'm writing some SS2 essay that is going to be marked by the PUBLIC.

How would my first line be? What if the body loses taste and no one seems to understand me. Will I get comments, feedback, hits...? Folks are making money off blogs, when will mine start flowing? Sometimes I think I get too cautious and I end up doing nothing. Even you too, don't look at me like that!

So what is a blog? Why isn't it called essay or writing or short story, why call it blog? I've opened a few pages and then there are just strange photos or checked out some guys on eurosport and their blogs are loooooong. Which one is blog? Why is it all different? However I have started, there will be a follow up blog. So chill I'm coming.

Ok I have motivated myself, that was my first blog! You see, its short and stupid.... Please don't bother reading it. Don't you know its hard to write a blog? Is it supposed to be long? But I think I'm a natural...hehe.