Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make Boys Men

And 3 months later he spoke again. Joi cast a spell on me. She said 'I hope you won't be one of those 2 article bloggers', and I ended up being one. Had to holla back at the 'juju woman' to get inspired again. Inspiration came right after the lecture of how Adam blamed the woman and now men blame women. Last-last I'm inspired, apparently there's 'a book' where historical ideas are jotted, the spell book.

Had this jotted down a while ago. They are questions I asked myself on a breezy night while alone in my room. You know those nights you fall asleep at 8 and wake 2am. Everyone's gone in and there's no one to gist with. Those night when it just rained and breeze carries the sounds lorries coasting on the express miles away. Those kind of nights, thoughts run through your head. I thought... 'I've never been a man before, what kind of man will I be?'

Look... Here is the raw draft. Just read

'What kind of man will I be?
Will my character as a boy show in my home?
Will I love and be true to God?
Will my heart and home be a temple of Worship?
Will I love my wife, treat her like a companion and friend? Will I make her cry or be joyful? Will the words that come out of my mouth encourage my home. Will there be tears or/and laughter?
Will my wife shed tears because I have been unfaithful? Will my children fear me? Will my friends be true to the friendship we share? Will I be compassionate and loving? How will I love? Really what kind of man will I be?'

See there are many more questions that could be asked. I'm sure I slept off that night... but questions about men continue to linger in my head, a burden.

How mothers take time to train their daughters on how to be wives... why isn't that happening for sons and fathers? Boys don't know what to do, simply because they are left to grow 'wild'. No pruning, No shaping. Sadly the wives suffer.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Jst wen I was enjoying ended. Guess boys r nt been trained cos d r nt likely to get pregnant n disgrace d, Buh,dis computer age I guess tins r a little different. My honest opinion....I tink u'll be great husband,dad and u'll still love God.

iNyamu(FQ) said...

Those questions are real!!!
And women ask these questions as well. Sending your daughter to the kitchen to cook doesn't make her qualified to be a woman. It goes deeper than the basics.
I believe God gives us grace for each season we step into... as long as we ask for wisdom.

As for you sha, i know you will be a fine 'young old' man. You will love your wife and children and you will fear God. And you will not blame any woman... :)

Anonymous said...

Deep thoughts..true Words. We need an uprise of proper transfer of values.Gods grace is avaliable to tap every day.

deejah said...

I like your train of thoughts....sadly like common sense it ain't common

oka said...

True talk!